About Shaun

Shaun Mitzel started singing and performing around the age of five. After he graduated high school he joined up with other musicians and performed for years around the midwest in various bands including: 24Seven, The Boys of Summer, Three Dollar Molly, Dirty Word Band, and The Johnny Holm band.
When Shaun performs solo, it is just him and his acoustic guitar. No tricks, but maybe a little sleight of hand. His guitar mastery was noticed by his former bandleader and mentor Johnny Holm, who nicknamed him “Lightning”, for his intense singing and guitar playing.
You can say that Shaun was “raised on the radio”, and that shows with his eclectic span of musical genres and styles. His main forte is that he has the ability to connect with an audience with his voice and charisma. He has captvated many crowds with his enthusiasm, charm, and unbridled musicality that makes his performance something to be remembered!